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Lifestyle portrait photographer in Malaga

Photography is my passion

Hi, I´m a portrait photographer based in Nerja in the region of Malaga, and I am specializing in outdoor photography on location, anywhere in Marbella, Malaga, Sevilla, or Granada. Let me capture a variety of shots to capture parts of your personality that you cannot fit into one image. You can choose between natural-looking or modern contrast photographs. No studio is needed. I will bring my equipment to you and capture you in the best light possible.

I discovered lifestyle photography in 2020. Lifestyle photography is a style of portrait photography that aims to capture real-life situations artistically. The purpose of lifestyle photography is to share people’s stories through candid, unstaged scenes.

I will take a variety of shots to document life as it happens and the images must be as natural and close to reality as possible. A big element of lifestyle photography is capturing spontaneous moments without doing a good amount of planning.

Would you like to have modern portrait photographs? Stop taking boring portrait pictures and unroll new and unique portrait photography styles. Let me capture beautiful colourful images which will reflect parts of your personality. You will fall in love with new portrait photographs made by photographer Michal Carbol in Marbella, Malaga, and Nerja. Relaxed Outdoor styled or natural lifestyle pictures are great for families, couples or singles.

Memories In Images

Michal Carbol Photography offers professional photo and videography services for any kind of event in Malaga, Marbella, or Fuengirola.

Most people find it hard to be completely open in front of strangers, let alone a stranger with a camera. Firstly, I will send you a questionnaire, to have some information about you. Secondly, we will be planning the location and outfit. Thirdly, before the photo shoot, we can have first a coffee and relaxation time, and then we can start. I want you to feel comfortable capturing your personality at its best.

Lifestyle Photography Pricelist

Up to 30 minutes

One location

Extra photo 10€


Up to 60 minutes

Two locations      

GIFT/ printed poster 70×50 cm

Extra photo 10€


Denisa loves horses and her idea was to have the lifestyle photo sessions with a horse. We found an amazing location for this photoshoot near Marbella and choose a sunset time. Sunset time made our pictures more wonderful. Warm orange sunlight and clear blue sky made these lifestyle pictures outstanding and Denisa fell in love with my photographs.

family photo session on the beach in Nerja and Malaga
summer family photo session on the beach in Malaga Nerja
outdoor family photographer in Marbella Malaga

Photo session on the beach in Malaga with photographer Michal Carbol

Photographing families and kids on the beach are one of my favourites. This lifestyle family photoshoot on the beach in Malaga was really funny. Playing with kids, laughing, running, and jumping, was exactly, what brings emotions to my pictures. The beautiful natural look of images without posing. In one hour I took around 100 photos so clients could choose the best ones. These lifestyle photographs will always remind them of the great time they spent together.

Whatever your question, I’d love to hear from you. We can arrange a time to video chat or even enjoy a coffee together in the region of Malaga (if you’re local!) to plan your secret engagement. I always reply within 24 hours even when travelling and you can also contact me at +34 693 221 912 or email me directly: carbolmichal@gmail.com.

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